“Home is where the heart is.” A Roman philosopher said this almost 2,000 years ago. Today, home is that feeling when you land at the airport after a business trip or put your key in the door after a vacation. It’s that feeling at movie night on the sofa or pancakes around the kitchen island on Saturday morning. It can even be the first wink from a flower in the garden on an early spring morning. When you’re looking for a house, condo or loft, it’s the location, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, architectural details, landscape and more that will be part of your home.

Finding your new or second home should be an enjoyable experience, so I listen before we start looking. I listen to learn who you are and what will make a house a home for you. Neighborhoods in the Birmingham area abound with options, and because I am from Birmingham and have family roots in the real estate industry, I can promise to find the best options for you.

Knowing you and your home is part of the selling process, too. Putting your house on the market is not just a listing. You deserve the best marketing to yield the best market price. Assessing your home, staging it and addressing any potential issues before they become problems are part of my process. And because I work with buyers and sellers, I have unparalleled leads.

Let’s talk about your home...

Because It’s Your Home

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